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Quest case study

The Amulet of Baltazar

The story behind the experience

The town of Chambly’s recreation department contacted us in summer 2022 about developing a custom quest to showcase Chambly’s history in a fun, new way. They wanted to offer residents a new free family activity in October. Our team recommended celebrating Halloween 2022 in a big way with the Amulet of Baltazar.

Their business goals:

  • Offer citizens a self-guided activity throughout October
  • Reflect the Halloween theme in story and set design 
  • Showcase Boileau Garden and the Cultural Centre 
  • Highlight Chambly’s history

Photo credit: the city of Chambly.


Apparently, the town of Chambly was once the haunt of several great wizards. Legend has it that the last of them, a wizard named Baltazar, put all his powers into an amulet and that it was hidden near the Richelieu River.

The concentration of his powers was so great that the energy that emanated from it would have widened the river to form what we know today as the Chambly Basin.

From an old manuscript found in the library, relive the last actions of the sorcerer Baltazar.

Will you be able to overcome the trials on your way and follow the trail of his magic amulet?

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The activity has been recommended on the TVA channel

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