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Quest case study

The New Sorcerers

The story behind the experience

Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu contacted us in spring 2021 about adding a fun new family activity that would set them apart. Creating sustainable immersive decor is one of the stand-out features of this special experience on one of the most beautiful trails in Quebec.

Their business goals:

  • Add a fun activity that families can do near the hotel
  • Draw attention to the Sentier des planètes trail
  • Develop an all-season outdoor activity without adding any staff

They talked about us

salut bonjour recommande parcours ludiques
“Salut,Bonjour” recommends Quests to Go / Parcours Ludiques
Jean-François Baril recommending The New Wizards Charlevoix quests as a family activity to do during spring break. Watch the video. 


n 1898, a secret organization of wizards was founded to ensure that magic was always present in our world. Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu (then under construction) and the surrounding woods thus became the hotspot of world magic. It is in this precise place that the greatest wizards of the planet gather each year. Unfortunately, from year to year, the number of wizards showing up at the annual meetings continues to decrease. Leaders are now afraid that magic will simply disappear from the face of the Earth. It is therefore time to recruit new members. But beware, do not become a wizard who wants to. You must first pass the great magical trials in order to prove your worth and courage. Several have failed before you… Do you think you are up to it? That’s what we’ll see. Get your magic wand! 

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