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Quest case study

Past Detective

The story behind the experience

Fort Saint-Jean Museum contacted us in winter 2022 about giving their visitors a free, original activity throughout summer 2022. Their main goal was to offer a fun, stand-out experience for Archaeology Month. 

The solution we recommended was a brand-new archeologists’ club! To become a member and get their official badge, participants had to pretend to be an archeologist.

Their business goals:

  • Offer a new bilingual activity for museum visitors
  • Promote archeology as a profession
  • Give visitors a chance to explore the Royal Military College Saint-Jean site on their own, with no staffing required


An archaeologist is like a detective of the past: constantly looking for remains buried before our eyes, he builds bridges between the ancient and the present.

The Fort Saint-Jean Museum is launching its brand new club: the Cercle des Archéos!

In order to obtain your Detective of the Past badge, you will have to be curious, attentive and demonstrate a great spirit of deduction to take up a series of archaeo-gaming tests…

Are you ready for the challenge?

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The activity was recommanded.

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