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Quest case study

Museum Candy

The story behind the experience

Galeries Rive Nord shopping mall contacted us in summer 2022 about offering shoppers a one-of-a-kind experience they could enjoy free of charge throughout October.  

We were used to creating fun quests in the public areas of shopping malls. This was the first time our team designed a fun customized experience in a transitional space that wasn’t being used. 

Our main challenge was to create a fun Halloween-themed activity that would appeal to families and could be run completely in one room.

That’s how the Candy Museum was born.

Their business goals:

  • WOW Galeries Rive Nord shoppers
  • Offer a self-guided Halloween activity that required no staffing
  • Add a game to a transitional space  
  • Grab the attention of families and teenagers who hang out at the mall


Until November 10, the Galeries Rive Nord are hosting a very special museum: the Candy Museum.

It is in this museum that the FAMOUS very first candy in the world is exposed. As it is an object of inestimable value, your mission is to protect it by activating the alarm system of the museum.

Warning: you only have 6 minutes top time to get there!!!

The 5-digit code is hidden in the museum… Can you decipher it in time?

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