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Quest case study

Les Cowboys Fringants parcourent Repentigny

The story behind the experience

After entertaining residents over the 2021 holiday season with our Christmas quest rental, the City of Repentigny’s cultural team got in touch with us again about offering a customized experience to complement the Cowboys Fringants show coming up in summer 2022 at Centre d’art Diane-Dufresne.

Their business goals:

  • Enhance summer 2022 cultural programming
  • Do something different by offering a guided experience that could be done on a mobile app over a long period
  • Develop an original project with a polished design and esthetics that blend in with the Espace culturel
  • Make the Cowboys Fringants music culture accessible and share it with some of the residents
  • Reach the Cowboys Fringants fan base throughout Repentigny and Quebec

The game everyone loved

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The experiment took place in two stages:

First, in the heart of the Cultural Space, participants were invited to stroll through a reconstruction of emblematic places in Repentigny, all depicted in the work of the Cowboys Fringants. By walking in these immersive settings, they were able to put themselves to the test during games that required concentration and deduction.

Secondly, for the real fans of the group, it was an opportunity to test their knowledge of the group’s songs: the places and characters found there, as well as the lyrics. A total of five quiz questions awaited them!

Tru our quizzes

Scan the QR codes below to discover 3 of the 5 quizzes that our team has created to improve the experience of participants (only in french).

qr code les cowboys fringants quiz les personnages

Do you know the characters?

qr code les cowboys fringants quelle chanson

Which Cowboys Fringants song are you?

qr code les cowboys fringants quiz sur la route

The Cowboys Fringants on the road


Are you a real «fan» ?

For more than 25 years, Les Cowboys Fringants have portrayed in their songs various well-known places in Repentigny. Over the years, we have become attached to an astonishing number of characters, each more colorful than the next. Ready to discover them? As part of this immersive journey, immerse yourself in the universe of this group from Repentigny.

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They talked about the project

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Les Cowboys Fringants honored this summer in Repentigny
All summer long, the community and day trippers can discover their work at the Center d’art Diane-Dufresne or stroll along the very first interactive trail: ...

The Experience is a co-production, presented by

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