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Quest case study

Monster Chaos

The story behind the experience

Creative agency Audace et co contacted us in summer 2022 about working with their team on a Halloween project at Galeries d’Anjou shopping centre. Our job was to use our expertise to create three games for their installation. 

The main challenge of this project was designing the game itself, which needed to be fast, interactive and exciting. We drew inspiration from the colourful world of Monsters Inc. to help quickly grab shoppers’ attention.

Their business goals:

  • WOW Galeries d’Anjou shoppers
  • Give shoppers fast, fun and interactive games to enjoy
  • Develop a self-guided Halloween activity that required no staffing


Franky Big-Tooth, the President of Monster Country, needs your help! A gigantic tornado slyly entered the government offices and ransacked everything, mixing up all the files in its path.

The most affected offices are the languages, time and scary affairs departments. The 3 abominable ministers responsible for these departments must put everything in order quickly.

Help Franky Big-Tooth and his acolytes to resolve this appallingly catastrophic situation!

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