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Discover our entertaining activities for spontaneous fun! , which allow you to move while racking your brains!

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Create unforgettable memories in just 3 easy steps!

Take advantage of our unparalleled support service at each step to ensure the success of your activity. It’s simple: renting your quest is as easy as assembling a 10-pieces puzzle!


Choose the quest of your choice.

You will find, in our catalog, quests for all types of seasons or for major holidays. Family activities that bring stories to life lasting about 1 hour.


Receive your quest.

You will receive all decor elements printed in high quality. These laminated steel game posters energize the course and help to illustrate the story told.


Install your quest wherever you want.

Our team assists you remotely in the installation process and in the finalization of the preparation of the quest.


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Discover our most popular quests

Our quests are thrilling experiences focused on fun, mystery and action where participants are immersed in an epic quest filled with exciting games and challenges.  Even the app is really cool and easy to use, with lots of virtual, user-friendly tools that make it hard not to get in on the fun!

What is a Quest to Go?

Give families a memorable experience and a chance to explore your city in a fun new way.

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Virtual guidance

Throughout their adventure, participants are supported and guided entirely online. Some of our games require our mobile app and others can be played with our online app by scanning a QR code.

Both tools provide clues and instructions and allow participants to answer the challenge questions right on their smartphone.

This self-guided activity requires no staffing! 

Case study – City of Montréal

Discover a successful municipal project.

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