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Rental term

By the month.

Suggested age

For families with kids aged 7 to 12.


The quest is made up of 6 games with printed laminated aluminum panels that can be easily installed wherever you like.


A 60-minute quest.

This user-friendly activity is fully guided on our mobile app. You don’t have to provide any staffing.

To start the activity, participants have to scan a QR code on a game sign and then simply follow the instructions on the app to complete the activity.

Baltazar's Amulet

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According to tales shrouded in mystery, Quebec was, in the distant past, the sanctuary of sorcerers of unparalleled power. At the heart of these legends is a legendary sorcerer by the name of Baltazar.

It is said that Baltazar, in a final gesture to preserve his heritage, put all his supernatural powers into a single amulet and carefully hid it somewhere in this land of magic.

The recent discovery of an ancient manuscript in the dusty archives of the local library now offers those who dare to venture the chance to follow in Baltazar’s footsteps. This document, which bears witness to the sorcerer’s last wishes, appeals to brave souls, inviting them to relive the epic events of his life.

Are you ready to face the many challenges along the way and unravel the clues leading to the magic amulet?

The quest promises to be full of pitfalls, mysteries and enigmas. The legend of Baltazar awakens from its long slumber, waiting for daring adventurers to unravel its mysteries.

Photo credit: City of Chambly.

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