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Rental term

By the month

Materials needed

Just one start sign : no other material, installation or infrastructure needed

Suggested age

For families with kids aged 7 to 12


 1 hour

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Time Travel GPS Race

Give your residents an exciting adventure with our brand-new GPS Race!

This race against the clock challenges participants with an activity that combines logic, general knowledge, speed and most of all, FUN!

The race involves 10 super fun challenges:

  • Find hidden treasures using a virtual metal detector
  • Solve mathematical equations that make up a phone number to call to get a secret code
  • Predict the future thanks to a Magic 8 ball 
  • Take turns answering generational questions (kids and parents) 
  • Identify objects, places and characters based on modified images and more!

A fun way to explore your city!


Picture this! A blinding light flashes before you, followed by an ear-shattering BOOM! You see an unidentified object fall from the sky and hear a strange sound. You download an app that can decode the signal. You’re scared but you screw up your courage and use the GPS coordinates to follow the signal… where will it take you? Will you make an incredible discovery or find a threat to Planet Earth? You’d better hurry, because the signal is getting weak.

This user-friendly activity is fully guided on our mobile app. You don’t have to provide any staffing.

To start the activity, participants have to scan a QR code on a game sign and then simply follow the instructions on the app to complete the activity.

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