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Rental term

The whole month of December.

Suggested age

 For families with kids aged 7 to 12.


The quest is made up of 6 challenges with high-quality printed backdrops, which can easily be set up wherever you like.

Activity duration

45 minutes to 1 hour of activity, depending on the location of the games.

This user-friendly activity is fully guided on our mobile app. You don’t have to provide any staffing.

To start the activity, participants have to scan a QR code on a game sign and then simply follow the instructions on the app to complete the activity.

Mission: Save Christmas

Everyone knows Elves, those happy Santa helpers of the North Pole. But do you know the Gnomes of the South Pole? The Elves of the North have a reputation for being hard-working, but the Gnomes of the South are known for being jokesters!

This year, for the annual original concept contest, one prankster went too far: he stole Santa’s mailbox! But this was no laughing matter for Head Gnome Folvart … The Holidays could be ruined if Santa doesn’t get kids’ requests on time! 

Can you help Folvart outsmart the Gnomes so you can save Christmas which is right around the corner? 

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